Guide to Shipping Perishable Food

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As challenging as it is to transport perishable food, there are ways to ship foods while they are cold and still fresh. Below are tips for shipping foods in regards to packaging, cooling methods, shipping speeds and expenses to help you ship perishable food.

Packaging: Keep your food cold by keeping the heat out with the right insulation. There are various ways of doing this:

Styrofoam boxes: These come in standards sizes and an exterior cardboard box. The thickness of the styro foam in these boxes determines the amount of dry ice you use and the cost of the box. With a thick wall, you use less dry ice but pay more than a thin one. You can request from suppliers to test the various sizes and thicknesses to find a suitable one for your product.

Styrofoam Cut Sheets: These are good, less expensive but not as effective as the whole box in keeping the food cold. You can also get these in standard sizes and customise them to fit into any box.

Insulated Liners: Similar to emergency blankets but with a bubble wrap “texture” these can provide insulation keeping the heat out, preserving the food. You can wrap a product tightly and then fill any extra space with bubble wrap or another packaging for improved results.

Air Filled Insulation Liners: Utilise the powerful thermal properties of air to insulate the liners keeping your food cold and fresh. These come with a hand pump (for small volumes)and air tank (for larger volumes). They are cheap to use since air is free of charge.

Insulated pads: You get to utilise the effectiveness of both styro foam and insulated liners for these. These can fit in cardboard boxes of your size.

Shipping frozen food

Ice packs: One-time ice packs can be used to transport food in the frozen state, saving money.

Dry Ice: Dry ice is also another effective way of transporting frozen food. Just make sure you learn of the precautions you should take. The amount of dry ice to be used is determined by the weight of the product and for how long it will be transported and at what temperature.

Finding the right shipping partner

Use your time and energy to find reliable food couriers. Look for those who offer the best service tailored to suit your food shipping needs.

Remember to look for a shipping partner that will deliver your food fast enough and at very suitable conditions. You can choose between next-day and 2-day delivery options. These are usually the best for shipping food due to their highly perishable state. There are food couriers who utilize technology to ship foods. Some have portals clients can use to check the location and temperature of the food and even regulate it to their precision. The experience, resources and reputation of the shipping partner matter when it comes to finding ideal ones.

You should utilise food couriers who comply with all standards in the country as well as those who can access airports easily. These keep your food packages safe and deliver them quickly.

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